Singapore Ultraviolet Index

Date: 2017-11-19

Hour Index
07am 0
08am 0
09am 1
10am 3
11am 6
12pm 11
01pm 13
02pm 7
03pm 8
04pm 6
05pm 2
06pm 0
07pm 0

The UVI is an international standard index that describes the level of solar UV radiation at the earth’s surface. The index ranges from 0 to 11+ and the values are grouped into various exposure categories. A higher index value indicates a greater potential for harmful effects to the skin and eyes.

The UVI is measured at the Changi Meteorological Station and reported hourly between 7 am and 7 pm. The reported UVI represents its average value for the past hour. In the presence of rain and/or under cloudy conditions, the UVI value is reduced. Therefore the UVI value may vary in other parts of the island. Click here for more information on the UVI.